About Us

Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company® began making artisan chocolate confections in 1993. In an effort to create delectable chocolates and confections for sophisticated palates, Cocoa Mill has succeeded in establishing an exemplary line of award winning Artisan Chocolates.

Today, Cocoa Mill is honored by its national recognition as a creator of exquisite fair trade chocolates. 

The Wall Street Journal  voted Cocoa Mill 
"Best Overall" in a Nationwide Taste Test. 
Additionally, Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company® has been award
"Best Chocolatier in Virginia" consecutively for the past 10 years.
Most recently Cocoa Mill received a European Award Food & Drink Award for "Most Innovative Chocolatier in the US" by LuxLife. 
Other accolades include Bon AppetitChocolatierU.S. Air MagazineCBS Morning NewsThe Washington Post, Virginia Living MagazineVirginia's FinestWDBJ7 News and many more.


Cocoa Mill Chocolates are handcrafted using old world traditions and recipes. Our Chocolatier uses only the finest and purest ingredients. Our chocolates are made fresh daily ensuring you receive the finest and freshest chocolates available.

By purchasing Cocoa Mill's Fair Trade Chocolates you can have the peace of mind knowing you've helped developing countries promote sustainable farming and helped them achieve better trade conditions. Rest easy knowing you've improved social and environmental standards by choosing Cocoa Mill’s handmade artisan chocolates. All chocolates are made fresh for each order so you know you will always receive the finest quality confections.

Pure delights are delivered in every box of Cocoa Mill Artisan Chocolates.