Fine Artisan Chocolates Since 1993

Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company® began making artisan chocolate confections in 1993. Today, Cocoa Mill is incredibly grateful for its national recognition as a creator of exquisite, all natural, fair trade chocolates.

Chocolate Glacéd  Fruits

Chocolate Glacéd Fruits

Cocoa Mill's Glacéd fruits are exceptionally juicy and indulgent. These fresh orchard harvested... 

Artisan Truffles

Artisan Truffles

Chocolate truffles are a signature in the world of chocolate and no... 

Award Winning Chocolates

The Wall Street Journal chose Cocoa Mill's Chocolate Truffles as "Best Overall" in a nationwide taste test. Additionally, Cocoa Mill has won "Best Chocolatier in Virginia" & "Best Wedding Vendor" consecutively for the past 10 years.

  • Accolades

    Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company® is humbled to have received so many accolades from many renowned critics, such as:  Bon AppetitChocolatierU.S. Air MagazineCBS Morning NewsThe Washington Post, Virginia Living MagazineVirginia's FinestWDBJ7 News and many more.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Ever striving for product excellence, Cocoa Mill continues to adhere to the same standards of quality first established almost 30 years ago. We use only the best ingredients; select non-gmo ingredients including superior fair trade chocolate, dairy-fresh creams, butter, and authentic natural flavors and liqueurs. 

  • Fair Trade

    By purchasing Cocoa Mill's Fair Trade Chocolates you can have the peace of mind knowing you've helped developing countries promote sustainable farming and helped them achieve better trade conditions. By choosing Cocoa Mill's chocolates you can rest easy knowing you've improved social and environmental standards.

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Pretzels & Survival Kits

Pretzels & Survival Kits

Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Chocolate Survival Kits make a great gift or... 

  • Truffles

    Chocolate truffles are a signature in the world of chocolate. Cocoa Mill's chocolate truffles have been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, celebrity chefs, and chocolate lovers alike, Cocoa Mill signature chocolate truffles make an extraordinary gift.

    Artisan Truffles 
  • Caramels

    Cocoa Mill's Chocolate Covered Caramels are slow cooked in a copper kettle and stirred by hand until Smooth and Creamy. This is an indulgent and delectable piece for the caramel lover.

  • Ginger

    Cocoa Mill's Chocolate Dipped Ginger is made with premium buderim crystallized ginger dipped in bittersweet dark chocolate. Chocolate covered ginger is a perfect combination of spicy and sweet making this a uniquely exotic treat.

    Ginger & Fruits 
  • Barks

    This selection of Chocolate Bark is blended with Cocoa Mill's signature creamy chocolate, rustic almonds, and sweet cranberries creating a beautifully blended gourmet bark. This Salty & Sweet combination of barks will please your taste-buds and leave you feeling whole and well balanced.

    Gourmet Barks